Happy Place | Mindless Reverie

A few days ago, I was going through my mailbox to clear out the unnecessary junk that had piled up over the years. Yes, go on, call me lazy for letting it pile up for so long but come on! It’s not the most amusing activity in the world. Anyway, that isn’t the point. The point is, I came across this poem that I’d sent to my Creative Writing lecturer as a part of an assignment that she’d given us.

To give you some context, we were given 5 words :

Torrential rains, home,  dog, thief and tree.

We were also given a choice: We could either write a short story or a poem encapsulating those 5 random words in our piece of writing. This is what came out of my pen; felt pretty nostalgic when I recently read it again and here I am sharing my nostalgia with you. It is called ‘Happy Place.’ Read on!

She still remembers that night as vividly as though it were only yesterday, 
The night they were driven out of their shanty and thrown into a state of disarray. 
Rain came pouring down; adding insult to injury, 
Mixing with her tears and blurring her surroundings with unapologetic glee.

Her trembling hands clutching the worn out toy tight,
Sobbingly, trying to come to terms with their woeful plight. 
‘Hold on, my angel. This too shall pass.’, she heard her father say,
Their house had collapsed that night, but her home was here to stay.

Wandering about, looking for a place to spend the night, 
An unoccupied pavement, an empty park bench, any comforting haven in sight.
Grim silence enveloped the night; the only breakthrough being the lingering barks of a stray dog,
Remembering the one she left back home, her vision began to fog.

Resting on a dry patch, under a big old banyan tree,
She waited for the merciless night to end, wishfully waited for the dawn to set her free.
Sleep crept in like a stealthy thief right when her thoughts began to go astray,
Stealing her tears, it took her to her happy place-far, far away.


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