Something That Made Me Smile | Mindless Reverie

You know, sometimes, we judge people as soon as our eyes land on them. I don’t know about last impression but first impression does leave an impact on the way you perceive a person. This is when a smile can make all the difference. It is the universal language of kindness. It has the ability to melt hearts and to mend bridges.

While writing my last post about smiles, I came across this amazing website called So I asked them to smile. The website has a photo series of a number of people’s with and without pictures. What do I mean by with and without, you ask? With and without a smile. The pictures that I came across were so heartwarming that I decided to share them with you even though the topic is getting redundant.

Here are some of my favourite ones:

Blog 5 Image 2Blog 5 Image 1.jpg

Blog 5 Image 3

Blog 5 Image 4

Blog 5 Image 5

Blog 5 Image 6

Blog 5 Image 8

Blog 5 Image 9


Blog 5 Image 10

If you observe closely, in some of the aforementioned pictures, the subject might look slightly intimidating and unapproachable to some. All it took to make them seem warm and welcoming was the photographer’s cue to flash a smile and that alone changed the vibe and impact they have on others. It is amazing how quickly that transition takes place! Bottom line – smile more often.

Practice what Yoko Ono preaches : ‘Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.’

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